Roccat Kova


Well once again Roccat have delivered a fine product. It’s got great speed, excellent accuracy, and glides smoothly across most mat surfaces. It comes without drivers, and has colour settings and adjustable DPI on the fly without issues. However, it isn’t perfect. It does have a slightly less comfortable surface than other high end gaming mice, and some may find the lack of macro buttons or nanosecond DPI switching a little frustrating, but other thanthat, it does everything else pretty spot on.

The Kova has a couple of minor niggles, but its pros more than make up for it. This is one mouse worth checking out if the price tag doesn’t deter you.

Pros Cons
Fast and accurate No macro settings or ability to remap keys
Smooth transition over mousing surface DPI switching takes a second
Driverless installation and features No soft rubber on main shell
Multi-coloured lighting options Could cost a bit much for some



Thanks go to Meroncourt for providing
s with this mouse.

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