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One of the best features of the Kova is the fact that its got the abilities of a lot of other mice, without the need for any drivers. This eliminates the need for a bundled CD, installation of drivers at all, and the fact that you can use your mouse anywhere and have all of its features immediately accessible.

To achieve this, Roccat designed a button command system that does require a little bit of memorisation, but the commands are simple. Pressing a different combination of the four side buttons can change the light colouring on the mouse, whether they fade in and out or are on at all, change the DPI; there’s plenty of options.

While this is great, the DPI option does make changing in game a little slower, but its still fast enough to be applicable.

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There’s a variety of different lights that are cycled through: purple, red, green, blue and ice blue.

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One of the other cool abilities with the Kova is that it can be switched from right handed to left handed at another key press, and thanks to its ergonomic and abidextrous shaped shell, it sits in the palm of a lefty just as easily as a righty.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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