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Once again Roccat have topped our charts. It might be expensive, but consider the overwhelming number of “plus” points. It’s got a massive sensitivity, inbuilt memory capable of storing over 50 seperate button configurations, TCU and DCU, vocalisations, Easyshift, massively customisable colour scheme, it looks fantastic, its built solidly and its incredibly accurate.

We have a new King ladies and gentlemen, it’s called the Roccat Kone +.

Note on Award

Ultimately, while because of it’s pricing the Kone + deserves an extreme award, there really is nothing better out there at the moment. For that reason I’m awarding it both an extreme and Editor’s choice for the first time in XSR history. While it costs a lot, it really is worth it.

Very high sensitivityExpensive
Perfect pin point accuracyNo good for left handers
Easyshift is great for media and other uses
Sensitivity vocalisations are a novel touch
Easily the best looking mouse around
In-depth Macro abilities, impressive key remapping options




Thanks go to Meroncourt for providing us with this mouse.

This review was syndicated on tech seed.


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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