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I didn’t want to begin the results section gushing over how great this mouse is, considering I ended up doing that in the physical features part of this review; but I don’t think there’s any other way to write this. It was simply flawless in all titles tested, including general windows usage. Out of all the mice I’ve tested I don’t think there’s been one that hasn’t had some sort of niggley flaw in its sensitivity or accuracy. These problems are usually very slight, like the occasional minor movement when you click, or the odd over shoot when doing large swings with the mouse, but not so with the Kone +.

Throughout all testing I had zero problems with its accuracy or its high speed thanks to the massive DPI and sensitivity. With the tracking control unit and excellent teflon feet, all movements be they large or small were almost perfect. Most gaming mice offer very accurate tracking of your movements, but this feels like just one more step beyond the norm; it feels like one to one mapping of my movements to the screen. It doesn’t matter if its a quick headshot, or a long sweeping movement to traverse the entire LoL map, everything I did felt intuitive and smooth.

Too much DPI?

Initially I did find the massive 6000 DPI a little much to handle, but you very quickly get used to it. My normal gaming mouse is about 2500 DPI so this was quite a step up, but the adjustment period is so small its neglible. Ultimately, I now game faster because of the higher sensitivity.


Claw vs Palm

Normally mice like the Kone + fall down in this category for me, as I’m what many would call a claw gamer. That means that I usually hold a mouse by jacking my hand up like I’m doing a right hand version of simultaneously pressing WASD, gripping the sides of the mouse and controlling the whole affair with fingers only. This means that moving over to more palm grip (where your hand rests on the mouse) mice like this requires an adjustment period and it never feels as natural as mice geared to my way of gaming. Surprisingly though with the Kone + I didn’t really have any problems. There was a small adjustment period but it didn’t last long and once I got the hang of things I didn’t wish for a claw grip setup, I was perfectly happy gaming the way I was.

The reason for this is that despite pretty much forcing you into a palm grip scenario, due to the location of your hand when you rest on it and the rediculous sensitivity, you can control the mouse with your fingers still; you don’t have to use your hand. What this gives is a combination of the accuracy and speed found in a claw grip scenario, with the added comfort of a palm grip mouse. Somehow Roccat have managed to meld the two together, creating a controller that you could game on for hours with no strain and no reduction in your gaming ability.


Regular readers will know that unfortunately, I’m a perspiring gamer. Essentially, when the action ramps up, so does the production of my sweat glands; this includes the ones on my hands. This isn’t a problem for most mice, but those with slick, reflective surfaces end up being damp to the touch, which can not only get a little uncomfortable (rubbing can create sore spots) but also affects your grip. Fortunately thanks to Roccat utilising soft rubber on both sides and the main body of this mouse, despite a little bit of sweating, there was no build up and grip was not affected in the slightest.


DPI Switching

While some companies try and do things in a new and fresh way to get noticed, Roccat have taken into account that DPI switching is a basic command and needs to be effective, quick and easy. In the Kone + switching DPI on the fly is incredibly easy and the buttons to do so are clearly marked and easily reachable. There’s no LCD to look at, or single button so you end up cycling through; just up and down keys, as it should be.

Easy Shift

While I’m not really an MMO player or heavy user of Macros, I did find the Easy Shift function very useful, thanks to the remapping of media keys. Having volume, track skipping, pause and play functionality hooked up to my mouse was fantastic as it meant I could lean back and read, or peform a variety of other activities without having to reach for the keyboard or move the mouse to the specific slider or button, click and drag; it’s all just made a lot easier.

NB. One problem I had with the media keys was that for some reason track skipping forward or backwards refused to work, regardless of the button it was mapped to. Hopefully Roccat will fix this software flaw soon.


While the practical applications of having a voice tell you what you’ve just done in terms of volume or DPI settings are a little limited, it is always amusing to hear the gruff Roccat voice appear mid-game to tell you that you’ve adjusted the mouse’s sensitivity. At the least it lets you know you havn’t hit the wrong button.


At £70, this is the most expensive mouse we’ve ever looked at, but I can honestly say I think it’s worth the extra cost as what you get is something quite special.

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