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Roccat’s sofware has always been clean and while a little overwhelming to start, always easy to navigate and understand; this set is no different. All options are mapped out neatly, with sliding scales allowing for the fine tuning of almost any function the Kone + performs.

On the first tab, “Main Control” you have the ability to tweak the sensitivity (based on a plus or minus scale in comparison to the currently selected DPI) vertical speed, horizontal tilt speed, double click speed and what each of the five basic DPI switches have as their level of dots per inch. All this allows for a rediculously sensitive mouse that even the most professional gamer would have trouble keeping track of; but it can make you very fast.

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The second tab “Button Assignment” allows for the custom mapping of all the mouse’s functions. There are a total of 12 buttons, however thanks to EasyShift, by pressing and holding button number 5, the Kone + is transformed into an entirely different entity with a whole swathe of commands; bringing the total number of buttons to 24. At default it turns from a gaming mouse into a media controller.

Options for all buttons in normal and EasyShift modes can be customised via a myriad of stock options, or by mapping your own functions out in the Macro Manager.

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There are a great many games and applications pre-loaded into the Button Assignment options, making it very easy if you play any common games, or utilise any of several popular pieces of software.

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The Macro Manager is the same as the one found in the original Kone, but tweaked a little. It has a much fuller list of games and applications should you wish to mix and match, as well as the ability to repeat macros, or work out specific timings – down to the milisecond – in the advanced options.

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“Colour Control” is where a lot of people will head first off, as it allows the customisation of how their Kone + looks. There are four LEDs in this mouse and each can have its own hue, be it Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple and everything in between. In total you have 33 colours to choose from making it possible to have a unique look to your mouse, and change it depending on mood.

On top of this there’s also the option of adjusting the light effect, do you want a heartbeat, a fade in, breathing, lights off, blinking? All this is possible. The LEDs can even be commanded to flow up and down the sides of the Kone in a wave effect. The possibilities are many and Roccat easily win the award for allowing users such levels of customisation with just the look of their new peripheral.

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“Advanced Control” isn’t somewhere everyone will spend time in, but if you want to fine tune everything in your Kone + it’s worth exploring. Along with the Windows Pointer speed and advanced sensitivity (X/Y axis are seperated into two different sliders) you have a few novel options.

First up is the Tracking control unit which when calibrated makes a world of difference. The mouse feels smoother in its movements, and move accurate. This is down to the Kone + spending a short while analysing your particular mouse mat and tweaking some internal settings to match as best it can with your chosen surface.

Next is the DCU or Distance Control Unit, which allows you to decide what kind of distance you want to have to lift in order to recentre your mouse; lets face it, at 6,000 DPI you arn’t going to do that, ever.

The final feature which put a significant smile on my face, is the Sound Feedback option. This is a brilliant and funny little feature that allows for audiotory feedback whenever you make an on-the-fly change to your mouse. Changing DPI? Don’t worry, the “Kone Voice” will let you know with a deep, growly “DPI Up” or “DPI Down”. The same can be activated for profile changes, volume up/down as well as sensitivity tweaks. While a little unecessary – who doesn’t know when they’re switching DPI – it’s a cool little feature to hear an Unreal Tournament announcer style voice rumble “Volume down” as you tweak the sound output of your rig.

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The final panel features driver download and online support links, making it easy to contact Roccat with a problem, as well as keeping your Kone + up to date with the latest firmware and drivers.

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On all pages, you are given the option of selecting not only 1 of 5 different profiles, but also 1 of 5 different button mappings for each probile.
In reality this gives you the possibility of having 50 differeny key mappings (taking into consideration Easyshift) which is more than enough for any gamer. On top of that all of these are savable straight to the internal memory of the Kone +, meaning you take these proviles with you wherever you go.


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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