Roccat Apuri



Test Rig

Intel Core 2 Duo Q9450 @ 3.2 GHZ
MSI 680i Diamond
4GB (effective 3.2gb)Super Talent DDR2 @ 1066MHZ
Graphics Card
Vvikoo 8800GT
Western Digital Raptor 75GB
Windows XP Pro 32bit


Unfortunately their isn’t a lot of testing that can be done with the apuri beyond using it for a prolonged period and seeing if it improves my usage experience beyond what it normally is, and if helps tidy up the desk slightly by managing my cabling.


Well, it works quite well. There’s not a huge amount you can say on the Apuri unfortunately, but it does work nicely. The mouse cable is always the correct length, you never have to pull it closer, or push it further away, as the Apuri holds it steady while the arm bends and flexes with your mouse movements, so there’s no extra drag from the Apuri either. It seems a bit of a shame that it doesn’t have more than one arm though, for other cables, headset and keyboard for example.

It also doubles up as a USB hub which does make managing some of your desktop items, MP3 player, card reader, phone all a bit easier and you don’t have to find a spare port on your PC.

The Apuri is a minor comfort improver, but mainly a convenience item that does its job well.


Be that as it may , it all depends on whether it’s worth the money you have to exchange for it. Well you may not believe this but this product actually sells for a rather over the top £30. I was expecting ten maybe fifteen but nothing quite this much. This is more than the Apuri is worth, and really should only be considered if money is no object to you as there are cheaper alternatives out there.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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