Razer Tron mouse and mat

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Razer Tron Mouse

The Tron mouse is similarly uniquely style. It seems a bit jagged and doesn’t look like the most comfortable mouse in the world, but it certainly has some fancy lighting that will look rather impressive when powered on.

The main carapace is glossy black, with many strips of translucent, off white material for lighting.

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On each side, within the finger grip area are two buttons. These can be programmed in the Tron software for whatever function you want, but at stock the right hand side handles DPI switching, while the left utilises the traditional forward/back commands in a browser environment.

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At the front end, you have only your traditional button configurations: left, right and central scroll wheel. These are similarly festooned with lights.

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The cable is braided and the USB connector utilises traditional nickel plating.

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The underside has a little more lighting, as well as a centralised laser sensor.

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As you can see, when powered on the Tron mouse does look rather pretty.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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