Razer Tron mouse and mat

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Box and Bundle

The exterior of the box is rather fancy. Nice black, svelt exterior with a large image of the Tron hardware, along with a logo and a mini Disney emblem.

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The back breaks down product features and lists some specifications, highlighting the selling points of the hardware.

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However, the exterior sleeve is taped to the internal box. While the box itself is again quite nicely put together, it feels a shame to have to tear the cardboard by removing the tape.

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Inside, though I’m not quire sure why, there’s a black translucent piece of plastic with Tron iconography on. It looks fancy but other than that?

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However, the entire box is completely let down by the packing plastic. This horrible, cheap, finger cutting plastic is so nasty compared to the rest of the box I don’t know why they didn’t just put it in a jiffy bag.

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Along with the mose and mat, you get a few setup manuals and introductory leaflets, as well as the usual Razer stickers.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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