Razer Nostromo Game Board


For a while I was struggling to find a reason to recommend the Nostromo. What’s the point of a product that does basically what most gaming keyboards do, why would you need one of these? Well if you already have a gaming keyboard you certainly don’t. The Nostromo isn’t for that audience though, it’s for people like me; those that want a nice, simple keyboard for everyday use, but could benefit from a gaming one for certain favourite titles.

What the Nostromo allows you to do is compartmentalise your PC usage. When you’re gaming you break out the peripheral designed to do it, when you’re not, simply switch back to your keyboard and off you go. If you use a gaming keyboard 24/7, you have to put up with the hang ups that brings (uneeded keys, gaudy lighting, split space bars etc.) whereas if you use this, you can have the best of both worls.

Ok it’s a bit expensive and it may not be designed for people with midget hands, but ultimately the the Nostromo is still a well constructed product and with its new driver tweaks, it’s actually a pretty good one.

Pros Cons
Looks good, revamp improved styling Bit too expensive
Gives you the best of both worlds A little harder to use with small hands
Easily remappable keys, simple software Needs an extra row of numerical buttons
Comfortable for long periods of use



Thanks go to Razer for providing us with this game board.

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