Razer Nostromo Game Board



The driver control software for the Nostromo is pretty well fleshed out while maintaining a pretty clean and easy to understand interface. The first tab is called “assign buttons” and is what you’d expect it to be. The layout is a bit odd in places, but altogether it’s easy enough to find which key you want to adjust and by using a simple drop down menu you can apply: a standard keyboard key, pre-configured function or one of your own macros.

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The second tab manages profiles. Here you can load up any number of different ones, each one able to support 8 different keysets. More than enough for even the most well rounded of gamers.

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The third tab handles macro creation. Here you can customise button input, the delay between commands, add in basic functions like copy/paste as well as utilising not so ordinary ones like “lock PC” and “Run” thanks to the drop down menus. They can also be exported and inported should you wish to save them somewhere, or perhaps trade macros with a friend; I guess?

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The final panel adjusts the strength of the lighting that the Nostromo puts out. You can tweak it on a percentage scale.

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Last modified: September 6, 2011

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