Razer Nostromo Game Board


Razer Nostromo

The Nostromo itself hasn’t really changed a lot since the original…

Razer Nostromo Game Board Review

It’s been given a black paint job, an analogue stick has been added to the D-Pad and the wrist rest material has been switched from plastic to that lovely soft rubber.

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All the keys are the same, black keyboard like layout for the top buttons and a few extra ones on the right hand side.

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These include: a translucent scroll wheel, small, plastic button…

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… beneath which there’s a Dpad with newly equipped analogue stick extender and a “15” button which doubles as a space bar.

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The casing is now a glossy black. While this does look nice before you touch it, afterwards you’ll see fingerprints, everywhere.

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The underside features several rubber spacer feet to help the Nostromo stay in place during gaming and a small on/off switch for the key backlighting.

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Which looks expectedly gamer-y when switched on.

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Last modified: September 6, 2011

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