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In all honesty, I’m disappointed with Razer and their latest mouse. It’s pretty much unusable on a soft mouse mat, and isn’t as comfortable as the previous Death Adder. There are several technical advancements, like the on-board memory, mouse controlled DPI (rather than software), full driver-less operation and better sensor, but the actual casing of the Lachesis should really be a better version of the Death Adder rather than what appears to be an updated Krait skin.

It almost appears as though a different design team were behind the shape of the mouse instead of the Death Adder designers and the effects are sadly noted. The higher DPI sensor looks good on paper, but on a cloth pad it’s shocking and only really shines on a hard surface which reduces the customer base that Razer can sell to.

All in all, it’s not a terrible mouse and you’ll get a good few years of quick-paced gaming from it, but give the Razer Lachesis a wide-berth for all except hard surfaces.

Pros Cons
Looks good Near unusable on soft surfaces
High accuracy Not as comfortable as previous Razer mice
Razer build quality



Thanks go to Powerdrive Computers for providing us with the mouse.


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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