Razer Imperator


The Razer software that comes with the Imperator is simple to understand and easy to use. It also looks nice – I know it’s not a big deal but its always nice to have a clean interfaace.

The first page is button assignment, where you can switch each button to a list of pre-defined options though there’s no random key choice allowing it to be fully customisable.

Razer Imperator Review

The second tab allows DPI switching, acceleration adjustment and polling speed changes.

Razer Imperator Review

The third tab allows you to change profiles. This gives you the option of having several different game macro or button configurations.

Razer Imperator Review

In the macro section you do have full button control, but there is a key limit.

Razer Imperator Review

The final tab allows for the adjustment of the mouse’s lighting. You can’t add different colours to the setup, but you can choose whether the lights are on, or off. This tab also allows you to update the driver and firmware.

Razer Imperator Review

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  1. Onisor Cristian avatar
    Onisor Cristian

    it freezes randomly and u have to unplug the usb cable and plug it back in in order to work. i’ve had it for a year and right now when my warranty expired for like 2 months my left click stopped working so i would say it’s a terrible investment

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