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When I think of the word mouse, I think of two things. The furry things that live in my attic that keep me awake well into the night by scratching around for hours on end, and every pc user’s best friend, the curvy little thing that sits in the palm of your hand.

Pc owners the world over have used these little guys for years. For gaming, navigating windows, websites and many other applications. However recently more and more companies are beginning to tailor make their mice for gaming. Boasting increased DPI recognition and slick bases to give those gamers that little bit extra to help them win. However, no company has quite reached the iconic status that Razer has over the last few years. Taking the gaming world by storm with their Diamondback range last year, they have caused another huge stir with their latest offering, the Razer Copperhead.

A Little about Razer

Razer is the world’s leading brand in high-end computer gaming peripherals. We reinvented the computer gaming industry by bringing the competitive edge to gamers when professional computer gaming was in its infancy.
Undoubtedly, Razer is the worldwide leader in terms of professional gaming peripherals. While we are light years ahead of our competitors in terms of technology, design and ergonomics, we are not resting on our laurels but are developing other key products and peripherals with the gamer in mind to bring that competitive edge to gameplay that Razer is synonymous with.
Razer is headquartered in San Diego, California and is distributed worldwide in all major countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Razer Copperhead™ High Precision Gaming Mouse
2000 DPI Laser Engine Powered by Razer Precision™
1000 Hz Ultrapolling™ with 1 ms response time as compared with 125Hz/8 ms response time used by other conventional gaming mice
32KB Onboard Memory Powered by Razer Synapse™
7 independently programmable buttons optimized with Razer’s Hyperesponse™ technology for ultra tactile button feedback and maximum actions-per-minute (APM) gameplay
Zero-Acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon feet
16 bit data path, as compared to 8 bit and 12 bit data paths used by other conventional mice
High speed motion detection, up to 45ips and 20g / Over 7080 frames per second
Always-On™ mode pioneered by Razer™ – the laser engine sensor never powers down to provide instantaneous response at all times during gameplay
Award winning Razer™ drivers featuring On-the-Fly Sensitivity™ DPI adjustment pioneered by Razer
Size: 5.04″ length x 2.5″ width x 1.54″ height
GlowPipe™ non-slip side rails
Ergonomic ambidextrous design
Ultra large non-slip rubber coated mouse buttons
Gold plated USB connector for maximum conductivity
7 foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord

A First Look


When I received the copperhead, I found it very hard to contain myself long enough to take these pictures. This was it, the Razer Copperhead. The GOD of all mice…


As you can see from the pictures, the packaging that cages this beast is very informative, providing you with a list of mouth watering features on the front, and a slightly more in depth list on the back. The mouse is also housed in clear plastic which gives you a good view of it from the front, a feature of packaging I always like, as it gives you, as a customer, the chance to view the quality of the product before buying it.

You get plenty of little gimmicks for your money with the copperhead. Most notably an official copperhead owners sleeve, so you can let everyone know what your gaming mouse of choice is. You are also given a little booklet which contains the “Master Guide” for the copperhead. It also contains a bit of speil by “Razer Guy”, thanking you for purchasing the mouse, and also congratulating you on picking the only mouse, “Made by gamers, for gamers”. So cheers Razerguy, I do try :).


You are also given a CD containing Razer’s profile change software. This is a very handy bit of kit as it allows for “On-The-Fly” sensitivity changing, a very helpful tool for when you are finding the settings you like the most, but more on that later.

On my first view of the mouse itself, I was very impressed by its gorgeous, sleek, black exterior. And upon placing my hand in the “Ready” position on it, I was surprised to feel my hand mold perfectly with the back of the mouse. The hump nestling firmly but comfortably in my palm, while my fingers rested gently on the buttons. My thumb and little finger also found the side buttons with ease.


The bottom of the mouse was a work of art in itself as well. The white, non-stick Teflon pads contrasted brilliantly with the sleek black surface and the laser in the centre is surrounded by the Razer logo.

A Closer Look

Next stage, plug and play people. So off I went merrily to my “Rig Desk” as I like to call it, and plugged the badboy in. Immediately problems, ah ok. Forgot to install the drivers from the CD. Silly impatient me… Ok in with the drivers and software. No problems now, nice and smooth mouse movement, and Oh boy does this mouse look good. Get your bibs ready for the drool….


The best part of this light show is the logo on the back. It pulses with blue light every few seconds. “Phwar!” is all I can say really…

Ha, my old Sony mouse is a little puny looking now:


The software Razer Provides with the copperhead is brilliantly simple. I soon had my rodent running at 2000dpi and 1000hz.


I also used this nifty bit of kit to change two of the side buttons to G and H, very simple to do. If you are wondering why G and H, these are the keys for Grenade and unarmed mode on FEAR.


In order to put the Copperhead through its paces I decided to do a few hours of general web browsing and a few windows applications. For a gaming test I palyed an couple of hours of Battle for Middle Earth, and for an extreme gaming test, I played an hour or so of the FEAR multiplayer.

General Use: Fantastic is the only word to describe this mouse, very smooth movement, no stick whatsoever on the mouse mat and ridiculously accurate to boot! However I did need to up the mouse sensitivity to achieve this as it just didn’t quite cut it on the windows stock settings.

Battle for Middle Earth: Here again, excellent. The increased sensitivity and shape of the mouse had a short learning curve, as the mouse I had been using before was tiny by comparison, but once over this, my orks were invading my opponents castle and soon enough he was pretty KO’d.

Fear Test: Good again, but this took a lot of tweaking. The increased sensitivity was ridiculous, 2000dpi had my character doing a 360 with only an inch of hand movement. This was a little bit too sensitive for my blood, so I Alt-Tabbed out of the game and using the On-The-Fly Razer software I quickly changed the sensitivity down to 1600dpi and popped back in game even before being killed! This was much better and I was soon killing people faster than ever before as to turn corners quickly required such tiny movement of my hand I was shaving valuable milliseconds off my level traversing times.


This is an absolutely fantastic mouse. Sleek, sexy looks. Blue pulsing LED’s and tiger stripes along the side to boot. The movement is smooth as a shaved crack and the mouse sits comfortably in your hand. In game the increased sensitivity did make a difference, however it wasn’t huge. Make no mistake, this mouse is not a hardware version of God Mode, but it will give you that little edge in a game where every second counts.

Although this product is fantastic in every respect, it is very much an “Enthusiast/Gamer” product, and is severe overkill for anyone who doesn’t spend their evenings fragging away.

Pros Cons
Extremely sensitive A tad pricey
Looks awesome Sensitivity is overkill in some cases.
Pulses blue light
Perfect hand shape
Very, very smooth

Last modified: August 15, 2011

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