Raptor LK1 Gaming Keyboard


The keyboard itself is quite slim and compact, without much in the way of additional bulk and ergonomic form around the edges, which can allow for people setting it up in their own way. The LK1 is also quiet enough to use for both typing and gaming, using standard membrane keys. They also claim a precise pressure point, which generally seemed to be the case, as the keys appeared reasonably responsive. Additionally, no key lock-ups were experienced with the Anti-Ghost Technology which allows up to six keys to be pressed at once without any signal loss.

Half-Life 2

The first game used for testing was the Steam version of Half-Life 2. The LK1 performed well, remaining quite responsive with a lot of activity going on.

Left 4 Dead

When upping the ante to a more frantic, fast-paced FPS shooter, the LK2 continued to perform, never running into any key locking issues or other problems.

This Review

Finally, the LK1 was used to type up this review. Typing normal documents with the LK1 is comfortable and responsive without being too noisy.


The LK1 can be found for around £20 which is a pretty reasonable price for a budget gaming keyboard.

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