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QPad HeatoN Review


With the growth of online gaming, and the increased exposure through wider audiences sitting down and picking up a controller, or mouse and keyboad, one industry that’s built up nicely in the past few years, is professional gaming. This has seen the first celebrities in that world begin to emerge, and unsurprisingly with it, product endorsement. Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel is probably the most well known to date, but there are lot of others on the up and up. Today we take a look at a product, part designed and endorsed by Emil “HeatoN” Christensen. It’s the largest plastic mouse mat ever released, and its backed with QPad technology. Let’s see how it fairs.

Product Description

“The pad itself has a dimension of incredible 43.5×36.5×0.35cm (17.12×14.37inch) which makes it almost impossible to slide of the edge. Previously you have only found such large pads made out of traditional cloth, but are now also available for all hard top fans out there. The surface is constructed in a 3 layer construction. Starting with a high quality cross weave rubber to make it stable on the table. The second layer is an abs plastic sheet to give it stability and weight. The third layer is made from an extremely durable carbytek plastic that offers a very good glide in combination with unique micro precision. The combination of a spongy 2mm rubber base with an abs board in between and the hard top surface gives it a new feeling never felt before. The weight of almost a half kilogram makes it very stable and firm on the table.”

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