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When you’re looking at peripherals and in particular mice, the mouse pad often falls by the wayside – mouse pads are just freebies for companies to advertise on right? Wrong; the mouse surface is almost as important as the mouse itself and a good pad will be smooth, comfortable and allow the mouse to be very high precision – something that is essential for all gamers. So, spare a thought for the humble mouse pad and read this review to see if the QPAD CT Grin can stake a claim to being the perfect surface. The large areas, high precision coating and non-slip backing all make for great reading but can it excel in real world testing too? Let’s take a look.

QPAD’s Take on the CT Grin

For all users with high demands on precision, feel and functionality this is the mouse pad that delivers. CT™ series smooth Hybratek™ coating ensures that the mouse registers every detail of the smallest mouse movement. It offers a smooth and a controlled glide with an optimum level of friction. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or work with other demanding tasks such as graphic design or large spreadsheets, you’ll thrill to the task.


  • QPAD®|CT™ Large, GRIN L.E. 4mm
  • Gaming surface with Hybratek™ coating
  • QPAD Glidz included for ultimate control


  • Size: Large [40.5×28.5cm 15.95×11.23 inch]
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Colour: GRIN
  • Surface: Hybratek™ Coated soft top
  • Other: Including Glidz


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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