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After tweaking the DPI “High” setting to the maxed out 5000 dots per inch, I was ready to go. Call of Duty and League of legends were tests of accuracy and speed, and the QPad 5k certainly delivers in both those capacities. However, I did find that while I don’t like mice that are too heavy, I do like a bit of weight to them; the 5k is incredibly light. It’s not rediculous, you don’t lose control because of it, but it just doesn’t feel weighty enough to give you a true tactile feel. It seems a little distant or inpersonal because of the lack of weight. While it moves well, it doesn’t feel like 1 to 1.

Minecraft was more of an endurance test and ultimately helped me get much of my comfort testing done. However, in some of the frantic moments when I suddenly broke through to a mob spawner and had to slash my sword around all over the place, I felt the Qpad performed well. The often long sweeping movements as you look around in this game world, or slowly turned as I hacked away at the foundations for my castle showed no problems with the 5k.


In this category the 5K was fantastic. The soft rubber really is a lovely material and should be used in every part of every mouse. Again though I had a bit of a problem with the weight. Ultimately comfort is down to not how soft the mouse is, but how quickly you forget you’re holding a mouse and because it’s so light I found it easy to remember.

It really isn’t the end of the world by any stretch, and the Qpad 5k is lovely to use, but why oh why are there no additional weights I can add?


Key remapping is simple and functional, macros work fine, the only real thing I’d like to see added are a few more DPI profiles. Most other gaming mice have 4-5 which feels like a nice number to give you plenty of options. 3 at least so you can have a middle ground, but currently I have a low, and high, which is fine but it’d be nice to have something that sits between the two.


The Qpad 5k is not a cheap mouse and will run any purchasers between £55 and £60 which puts this at the very top end of gaming mice; perhaps only surmounted by the Roccat Kone +. For the money I think it’s a bit expensive.

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