Qpad 5K Gaming Mouse


The drivers for the QPad 5k is an absolute necessity as at default the “high” DPI setting is pretty damn low. Once installed and opened up, you’ll notice that it’s a pretty clean piece of software. Easy to read, easy to navigae and no aliased edges to detract from the experience.

The first tab has some button customisation features allowing you to change what the left, right, wheel and side buttons do. The “High” and “Low” buttons are unmappable. For each key you are given a list of pre-configured buttons, some commands (copy, paste etc.) and manually input macros of your own choosing.

On this page double click speed is also editable.

Qpad 5K Review

The second tab allows you to alter the scroll speed and whether the wheel light is on or not.

Qpad 5K Review

Third tab alters curso speed, how strong acceleration is and a strange command that “automatically moves cursor to the default button in a dialogue box.”

Qpad 5K Review

The 4th page lets you choose DPI on the X and Y axis for the high and low settings. For a mouse that supports 5000 DPI it seems odd that the “high” setting is so low at stock, 1260. You can also alter the lift off distance.

Qpad 5K Review

The 5th tab is where you make your own macros. You can only input a few keys per Macro so don’t expect anything huge but simply jump or attack combos are easily possible.

Qpad 5K Review

The final tab is a simple about page.

Qpad 5K Review

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