Ozone Strike Mechanical Keyboard

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Mechanical keyboards have been around for a long time, and as more gamers try them, I’m sure they’ll be around for much longer. They do take some adjustment – and the Strike is certainly one that needs more than most – but they’re worth moving over to if you can make the jump.

I would say the same for the Strike, though I’ll be honest, this isn’t my favourite board. I prefer typing on the Zowie Celeritas with its brown switches and the 7G for a mix of gaming and typing, but this is still a damn good board. At £75, this is hardly a steal, but it’s not overpriced either, you get what you pat for. If you’re on the fence about mechanical boards, there’s now one more reason to get one, but just be aware it’s not the only one out there.


Nice, cut back layout
Media keys work well and are easily engaged
Nice to game on
Great typing feel


A little tiring to type on as keys require a bit more pressure
Wrist rest is a bit short
No macro keys



Last modified: April 8, 2014

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