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While you don’t need to install the software for the mouse to be used – almost with full features – it’s designed to give you access to macro setups, as well as DPI adjustments, key mapping and more. Unfortunately though, the software seems incomplete, as while I can see all the things the software should be capable of doing, I couldn’t use any of them. For example, in the "Button Settings" page where you’re supposed to be able to adjust what each button and key does, there were no profiles to select and all key mapping options were greyed out.

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The "Macro Settings" page was similarly incomplete it seems, as while I could create a macro, export it and re-import it, I was unable to save them. When dragging and dropping the macro I had created like the manual suggests, the only option I had was throwing it in the bin.

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The final tab allows you to fine tune the DPI settings, making it possible to up the DPI to a whopping 5040 dots per inch. Unfortunately though, this was again all greyed out, and the backup, restore and reset options were likewise.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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