Ozone Smog


Box and Bundle

The box is pretty bland, with a flat black background a few bits of red splashed across it which at least breaks up the foreboding background a little. In the centre is a picture of the mouse itself, with a large Ozone Smog logo above it.

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The rear of the box has another image of the mouse, this one with white outlines to highlight all the individual features, each of which has a nice arrow pointing label attached to them. Under which, we have the multi-lingual specifications.

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Inside the box are a few little bits and pieces. You get a manual and software mini-disk.

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You also get a weight puck that includes a few extra weights that allow you to fully customise the mass of your mouse. You’re also given a replacement mouse grip that allows you to choose between two different finger supports.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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