Ozone Ground Level



To test this mouse mat I decided to try it in a number of various games (as it is aimed at gamers) and some general PC use.

I’d be using games I’m currently playing including Battlefield: Bad Company, Goldeneye: Source, C&C Red Alert and Age of Empires 3. I’ll also test it with some work in Photoshop, playing around in Windows and browsing the Internet.


I found that the mouse mat was very nice to use in game. While it wasn’t as large as my previous mouse mat (CMS-M FPS Tactics DC) it was still large enough that my mouse had enough room to move around the entire screen and on a lower DPI setting still had plenty of room to line up that shot nicely or work in Photoshop.

It also performed nicely in the RTS games I tried, giving me plenty of room to move around and a nice surface to ensure smooth mouse movement.

During normal PC use (browsing the Internet, messing about in Windows etc.) the benefits of this mouse mat weren’t so apparent. I didn’t see enough of an improvement over a standard cheaper mouse mat but this pad was designed with gamers in mind.

The grip on the Ozone Ground Level is good, certainly enough so that you won’t have the mat sliding around in particularly hectic fire-fights.


At £7, this is a damn cheap mat.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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