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The NZXT Avatar is very impressive, especially since NZXT are noobs to the gaming peripheral world. It’s got a good DPI with perfect accuracy and great comfort ratings; though the sensitivity could have been upped to 3200DPI to bring it in line with other top end mice. It’s price point is a little high, and it’s software isn’t as fully fleshed as I’d like it to be as some users would definitely miss the macro abilities, but you can at least remap the extra buttons or turn them off if necessary. Of course this kind of thing can be improved if NZXT release new versions of the software.

While NZXT haven’t got a perfect product on their hands, it’s not far off. Lower the price slightly, update the software with extra macro remapping ability, and the Avatar would be right up there with the best. As it stands it’s nipping close at their heels, and along with the Roccat and Nova mice we tested recently, it sure will give the reigning big boys something to watch out for.

Pros Cons
Great speed and accuracy DPI a little low
Comfortable over long periods, fits small hands Price is a bit high
Looks great No macro ability



Thanks go to NZXT for providing us with this case.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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