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In Operation

When turned on, the edges of the Avatar light up and run a blue to purple-ish spectrum which looks pretty fancy. Not only that, but the DPI lights turn on, showing which setting you have active.

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The software for the Avatar isn’t bad looking, but still has some quite heavily aliased edges. It’s no Roccat Kone software let’s put it that way.

The first "Advanced Functions" windows allows button assigning, switching from right to left handed orientation, config save/loading, polling rate switching, DPI switching and profile choice.

Unfortunately though the button assignment only allows you to switch which button performs the functions already attached to the mouse. There is no macro option or the ability to map keyboard keys to it.

NZXT Avatar Review

The sensitivity menu allows fine tuning of the X-Y axis sensitivity, as well changing of windows pointer speed, and adjustment of mouse acceleration.

NZXT Avatar Review

The 3rd and final menu, "Advanced Settings" allows you change your scroll speed, sensitivity (DPI?) and double click speed. It also has a test area to try things out in.

NZXT Avatar Review

On each window you can also hit "update" to be automatically sent to the NZXT site. Unfortunately you don’t go to the driver download page, or even just the Avatar page; you go to the NZXT homepage.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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