Nova Slider X600


When it comes down to it, the Nova Slider is a almost top notch mouse. It’s got pretty fully fledged software, very smooth operation, great comfort, button remapping, and excellent accuracy. That said, holy jesus is it expensive, and that god damn lower button. It made me so mad attempting to read web pages, play online games, watch videos – do anything online, I would tap that damn button and back I went.

I also felt certain features were missing from a mouse this expensive. Where’s the customisable weight options, or the swish software with extended features like a tracking control unit, or pulsing LEDs? I like the mouse acceleration removal “tool” but where are the others? It’s supposed to be a gamer’s toolkit, not a gamer’s tool. That’s something else.

If you can put up with that stupid button, and stomach the cost, you will definitely enjoy this mouse; but it isn’t perfect.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable Very expensive
High DPI, very accurate Badly placed buttons
Smooth movements



Thanks go to Powerdrive for providing us with this mouse.

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