Nova Slider X600



Unreal Tournament

With Unreal Tournament I was pleasantly pleased with the accuracy I was able to obtain with this mouse. I was hitting dead on with the primary shock rifle fire even at long ranges, and the speed of the mouse was bang on at the top DPI. I didn’t really feel that the buttons were situated in the best positions to use macros effectively, but I stuck a few jump combos on the buttons on the left hand side. The top button was easy to use, but I kept accidentally pressing the bottom one when adjusting my hand position on the mouse. The front 2 buttons that surround the DPI lights were too far for me to reach with my short thumbs.

Browser Games

In the flash games, again the smoothness of the mouse was perfect, and it was excellently accurate in all instances. However, once again I’m drawn to comment on the side buttons. That button at the base of the left hand side of the mouse, killed this test for me. Everytime I got going in a game, I’d adjust my hand position, hit the back button accidentally and jump away from the game before I could stop it. This happened every 5-10 minutes, making a long gaming session with this mouse impossible until you get used to it. Which I’m still not, after 3-4 hours of testing.


We have already covered some functionality issues, in regards to the base button which is a truly awful placement unless you’re concentrating or have got used to it being there, but there were some others I noticed that I was able to rectify. When using the mouse in windows, there was some quite severe jumping. However, checking the software I upped the polling rate from the default of 500MHZ to 1000MHZ and it completely eliminated the issue.

Something I have concluded with the Nova Slider is that it’s hand size dependant. If you had a larger hand than me, you could probably reach those 2 front buttons slightly out
f reach of myself. They then probably wouldn’t slip onto the bottom button; they’d most likely touch the bottom DPI switch button instead.

This mouse should have had two or three top buttons, that’s it. Get rid of those bottom buttons Nova; come on.

Having the cable on the side of the mouse, seems a little odd and I don’t really notice any difference, apart from occasionally when the cable gets caught, it feels very weird having the mouse tug from the side, as apposed to the front. Otherwise, it seems to make little difference to the functionality of the Slider.

One final point on functionality, the metal base feet. While these are just as smooth as teflon ones (and I presume cheaper) they are placed poorly. If you put too much weight on the back of the mouse, it causes the front end to lift free of the surface, causing you to lose control of your mouse pointer for a split second. In a competitive game this could be a big problem if it’s not expected.


Comfort wise the Slider did very well indeed. The soft rubber mixed with the glossy plastic was perfectly comfortable throughout all testing, and still is while I write this review. The mouse itself feels a little light, so interchangeable weights would have been nice. That said, I love the support for the ring and little fingers. No other mouse I have tested has catered for this, and it makes a lovely difference.


Unfortunately the Slider is a bit of a let down when it comes to cost. Should be generally available before Christmas but it’ll set you back a whopping £65.

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