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Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament is a fast paced first person shooter that requires quick reflexes and top notch accuracy; both of which the Nova Overslide was capable of giving me. When combined with a gamer mouse of any type I was able to quickly traverse the mat with no accuracy or drag issues at all. That said, interestingly the teflon feet of the Stinger and Reaper were slower across the surface than the Nova Slider X which has smooth metalic feet; which was the opposite on the cloth mat’s I used for testing the Slider. It is apparent from this that the Overslide is designed to work specifically well with the Slider X, while maintaining a good level of performance with more “standard” gaming mice.

With that in mind, I also think that the sensor on the Slider works better with the surface material of the Overslide than those of the Reaper or Stinger, giving it a sensitivity as well as a movement speed advantage.

Browser Games

In browser games which require less fast paced movement, you are also confined to a much smaller windows of operation, making accuracy far more important. Again here the Overslide performed very well with all mice used and I had no problems with the increased movement speed using the Slider X; it’s accuracy more than made up for it.

During all testing the mat didn’t move an inch. The sticky foam on the back of the mat stopped it moving on any surface I placed it on including a wooden desk, and a large cloth pad.


Even as a non-cloth mat, the Nova Overslide has to be up their with the most comfortable mousing surfaces I have ever used. As I described earlier it has a sort of memory foam like feel with a slight depression upon resting your wrist upon it.

The only comfort downside, and where the cloth mats trump the Overslide, is how it makes you sweat. All mats make you sweat, especially if you’re playing a particularly stressful game. However, cloth mats can absorb this – eventually leading to a very smelly mat, but still – while the Overslide does not. It never builds up to a point where it affects your gaming, but it does become noticeable after a while. It’s only a minor annoyance, but it makes this mat’s comfort levels a 9/10 as apposed to a 10.


The overslide, is pretty damn expensive. It weighs in at £27.99 which puts it up there with the most expensive mats, and some of the cheaper gaming mice. This also means that if you purchase this with the Slider X mouse without any sort of deal, you’ll be looking at spending just under £100 for a mouse and mat; that’s nuts.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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