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After that comes the Karate game. I was hoping to hold the Blobo and punch digital enemies, but no you chop through wood instead. This would be quite good fun, if the Blobo could even remotely tell how fast you were swinging it downwards. A massively hard swing will barely register a quarter of the way up the scale, while a comparatively gentle swing, will produce a much higher rating. Not quite perfect detection makes this game a bit of a dud.

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The Ski Jump isn’t bad, but it’s just very hard. I still havn’t been able to land it properly. You’re supposed to crouch and jump, followed by another crouch to land. I even put the Blobo on the desk to eliminate all “wobble” but my character still buried his face in the snow.

The Archery is again very difficult. You hold the Blobo in your hand and squeeze. As you do so a targeting reticule appears which you have to line up with the target before the timer runs out and your character fires the arrow.


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The basketball could have been a lot of fun, had it been what I expected it to be. I’d hoped to make a shooting motion while holding the Blobo, with the device calculating where the ball would have gone had I released it. However instead… well just watch.

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At the end of each game you get your results, and a break down of how many calories you supposedly burned. Out of one round of basketball, bare in mind that involves throwing a 5g ball up in the air a few times, I apparently burned 12.8 calories. BS.

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After the 9 games, which took me maybe 10 minutes, I’d apparently burned 192 calories. This counter is completely wrong and horrendously overstates what you’ve burned. You could pass it off as a scoring system and it’s in-game calories, but then why call them that in the first place?

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If you factor in the tenner for a bluetooth adapter – which I still think this package should come with – you’re looking at around £60 for the Blobo, the software and the dong
e. Each new game as they release it will cost about £2, so not bad.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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