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The first game in the tournament I set up is the hula hoop. For this you put the Blobo in your pocket and swing your hips around in a circle. You feel like an idiot but it works very well indeed. As well, if not a little better than the version in the WiiFit games.

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Second game is the hammer throw which is one of the best of the set as it simply works the best. Windmilling your arm as hard as you can builds up speed, before stopping to signify letting go of the hammer.

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The running and long jump are the next couple of events. Bung the Blobo in your pocket and make a lot of heavy leg movement, and for the long jump, a big leap at the end. It’s very tempting with this one to simply hold the Blobo in the air and shake it, but that would be called cheating.

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Bowling is next with some rather hard to understand instructions. Some words would have been nice too.

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Hell yea, got a spare.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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