NoLimitZZZ Blobo Motion Controller

NoLimitZZZ Blobo


During our recent visit to the Gadget Show Live one of the companies we talked to was NoLimitZZZ who detailed a product they’d put together that they touted as some sort of Wii killer. Called the Blobo (blob-oh) it’s a PC enabled motion controller which hooks up wirelessly to play several Wii-Fit, Wii-Sports inspired games. There’s running, jumping, basketball, bowling and more. Let’s see how we get on.

Product Description

“Blobo is a “ball” with a big heart. Blobo can directly control computer and mobile games and more. Simply moving Blobo around complex, 3D motion sequences can be represented in games. You can even squeeze it ! This creates the possibility to introduce precision, ability, speed and truly measurable responsiveness into the game enabling new gaming challenges and experiences. Blobo detects motion and rotation in space and reacts to acceleration, pressure and magnetic field. With these features you can create fantastic games such as Basket-ball, Karate, Archery, Running, Long Jump and Ski Jump. These are the games you find in the Blobo Fun&Fit games package. Blobo can be personalized to its owner.

“With stats such as age, weight and height and records of your own calorie usage. You can even build and carry with you your own virtual character.
Blobo’s can play together, or you just need one and pass it around! To get fit, put Blobo in your pocket! When not connected, Blobo counts all the
steps your are taking during the day, as well as making you run to play the games! Blobo uses Bluetooth to connect to your PC or to your mobile. Then you can take Blobo with you anywhere and play wherever you go!”

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