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NOID pads


NOID pads started from listening to gamers, and creating a pad to suit. Today I have two NO.IDENTITY pads; one from the ‘ryK’ series, and our very own custom XSReviews pad.

About NOID

The past few years I have worked for one of the bigger mouse pad brands in gaming. During this period I have, both as a sponsor and as a gamer, met and talked with hundreds – if not thousands of other gamers about mouse pads. I have listened, tried, compared and learned.

Based on this experience I have now started to manufacture my own mouse pads. They are not like the competition – they are better. I know that there is not one pad that is best for all but if you like hybrid pads like I do and if you like a really good glide then I can tell you that there is no hybrid pad that glides better than the NOIDpad, guaranteed!

If you also value the possibility to design your own mouse pad the choice is easy. You simply cannot get a better mouse pad than the NOIDpad anywhere with your design on.


Short facts:
Pad size:
Thickness: 3.5 or 1.35 mm
Top: The NOID polymer coating on cloth for unsurpassed glide
Bottom: Black natural rubber for grip

Tested with the following mice with full functionality:
MX510, G1
Razer: Diamondback, Copperhead

The Pad

NOID pads

NOID kindly supplied us with one of their pre-designed pads, and one of our own design. The pads are packaged in cylindrical boxes with the pad rolled up inside.

NOID pads

The ‘ryK’ pad is very striking, and you can tell that Norman ‘ryK’ Dietz, the graphics designer responsible for the ryK range, is heavily into the grunge type art.

Also supplied with the pads are 20cm of friction-less adhesive tape that is designed to be stuck to the bottom of your mouse to get the most out of the pads.

NOID pads

The print quality of the pads is awesome, especially our in-house designed pad which came out crisp and clear. The colours aren’t the brightest but its better than them being over saturated.

NOID pads

The pads come in two thicknesses, 1.35 or 3.5mm. We received the ‘ryK’ designed pad in the thin form, and our XSR pad as the thick, 3.5mm, type. The thicker pad feels more substantial and bends less, but the thinner pad is capable to fit underneath your keyboard without it rocking.

NOID pads

The top surface of the pad is a hybrid type, meaning it has the attributes of a hard pad, with the benefits of a cloth design. It feels, for want of a better phrase, like the outside of a raincoat/anorak. Its safe to say that this surface has been carefully selected to provide smooth and accurate mouse movements.


To test the NOID pads, I used the pad with a generic optical mouse, an old-school rollerball and a Razer Krait to test high DPI mice with the pad. I used the ryK pad in testing, as this and the XSR pad have the same surface.

The first thing I noticed was the near perfect dimensions of the pad. With nearly every game on the market, the need to scroll upwards is rare; most of the time you are moving the mouse left and right. As a result, the NOID pads are a lot wider than they are tall; in fact they are nearly the same height width ratio as your monitor.

NOID pads

The rubber backing of the pads anchors the pad securing during gameplay and I’m yet to get enough grip on the pad to move it. Which brings me along to the surface, it’s awesome.

The gaming surface that the NOID pads offer is perfect if you like smooth, friction-free movement. Even without the friction tape supplied, mouse mice will glide over the pad with little effort. The friction tape is pretty much pointless when used with a high-end mouse which will have Teflon pads designed to be smooth on any surface.

With a standard optical mouse, there was no huge increase in accuracy or precision, but it felt a lot nicer not to have to battle with the friction a mouse and a bare desktop make.

When coupled with a Razer Krait, the extra smoothness pays off. Usually when used at high sensitivity the cursor tends to jump when you try and move it a small distance, due to trying to overcome the friction with too much force and making the cursor overshoot where you want it to go. With the NOID pad, there is less friction, so it allows you to better judge the amount of force needed to move the cursor and hence makes you that little bit more accurate.

The pad can be screwed up into any shape, however its best to roll it up because if you do manage to crease the pad, the top plastic coating is stretched and you are left with white marks all over the pad.


NOID pad have created one of the best products for a hardcore gamer. Being able to customise a pad is something that many companies are yet to offer, and NOID have managed to get it right first time. Coupled with a great, friction-less gaming surface, the NOID pads are hard to be negative about. Cloth pads aren’t to everyone’s taste, but this one suits me down to the ground.

Pros Cons
Great quality
Really nice gaming surface
Customisable appearance

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