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Software (v1.16)

The latest edition of the Mionix Naos 5000 drivers, v1.16, is similar to other gaming mouse software in that it features a tabbed system with different ones allowing customisation of appearance, button configuration and speed.

The first tab, ‘Mouse Settings’ is dedicated to the buttons: each individual button has its own drop down menu giving a range of predefined functions as well as the option set the function to a single key or macro (recordable in a separate tab). 

Double click speed, scroll speed and pointer acceleration are among the slider bars for adjustment but by far the most important is the polling rate. At default, a rate of 1000Hz is employed giving a response time of 1ms. However, this rate can be reduced if the user so wishes although it would seem to be a step in the wrong direction as reducing the polling rate (or how many times Windows checks the USB port for changes) gives much smoother cursor movement at high polling rates.

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Sensor performance is next up allowing separate adjustment of the X-axis and Y-axis from a dpi of 90 through to 5040. Lift distance (the height above a surface at which the laser sensor continues to process images) is another feature that can be increased meaning that whilst repositioning the mouse during gaming, you can continue to use the mouse.

Up to five individual profiles can also be assigned so different settings can be set and saved for different games/usage if different macros or speeds are required.

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Colour settings are fairly self explanatory but there is a multitude of colours to choose as well as the option to turn all or individual LEDs off which is neat.

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The last two tabs are again very easy to use; the macro one is useful allowing the user to create personalised macros of anything they wish to assign to a single button; simply hit record and enter in the sequence.

Finally, we arrive at support giving options to check for updates and firmware as well as online support.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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