Mionix Naos 5000

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Box & Bundle

A life-size image of the Naos 5000 adorns the front of the cardboard box emitting a hazy glow, which when combined with the green lighting atop the mouse, could be considered almost spectral-like. After all, the whole Mionix marketing image revolves around cosmology right down to the slogan printed at the bottom of the packaging: “Light-years ahead of the game”.

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The reverse is much more focused on the technical specs and features of the mouse, with bullet point lists and a brief overview drawing attention to the main selling points. A labelled diagram of the Naos 5000 completes this side.

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The front part of the box folds open revealing the mouse and small tin of weights in place behind a moulded plastic cover. A short passage is also uncovered upon opening the lid and titled, “A Star has been born”, it describes the star from which the Naos took its name (see below).

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Just three items complete the Naos’ bundle: the mouse, a small tin of weights and a small slip of paper directing the customer to the Mionix website in order to download the manual and drivers. The reason behind this would seem to be that the Naos can simply be used as a plug & play mouse with the drivers offering customisation and adjustment of the dpi, polling rate and other settings.

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One more advantage of downloading the drivers from the website over a driver CD is that the software often quickly becomes outdated or upgraded and the latest version is always available for download.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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