Mionix Ensis 320

Mionix Ensis 320


Today we’re having at the first of a pair of Mionix pads, with a traditional form factor – the Ensis 320. The Ensis is an aluminium mousepad that looks nice, but how will it perform? Let’s put it to the test.

Model Overview

“Ensis 320 Aluminium is made of forged 1 mm Aluminium alloy for a strong but lightweight construction. The hairline brushed surface maintains the full metallic lustre of the alloy. With 1 mm natural rubber side provides non-slip grip whilst still maintaining a very low overall profile of 2 mm. The Ensis 320 Aluminium was designed with our Surface Quality Analyzer tool (8/10) and has excellent tracking with minimal data loss.”

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • S.Q.A.T. Value*: 8
  • Surface: Hairline brushed / rigid
  • Dimensions: 320 mm x 260 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Backside: Natural rubber
  • Compatibility: Optical and laser

* S.Q.A.T stands for Surface Quality Analyzer tool, a metric made up by Mionix to quantify mousing performance.


Like other metal mousepads, the Ensis 320 comes in a simple cardboard envelope. Again, we’ve got the traditional Mionix branding which I quite like for its simplicity – the name of the product, a picture of the product and a single line explaining the idea behind it, all on a black background with a Mionix logo.\

Mionix Ensis 320
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On the reverse, we’ve got features and specifications in 12 languages, as well as the celestial origins of the name, the model overview and specifications (as written above). Ensis is apparently the Latin word for ‘sword’, and is associated with the star west of Orion’s belt, Eta Orionis. The more you know.

Mionix Ensis 320
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