Matias Laptop Pro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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The Matias Laptop Pro is a surprisingly capable Bluetooth keyboard, with its Quiet Click mechanical switches providing an excellent typing experience whether for gaming or writing. The keyboard is still much heavier and taller than competing Bluetooth keyboards, but that’s an acceptable price to pay for mechanical switches. While the design could be improved by reducing the weight further, ultimately the Laptop Pro is a totally usable mobile keyboard. Due to its high price though, be sure you need that Mac-centric layout and Bluetooth connection before you pull the trigger – if either are negotiable, then cheaper alternatives exist.


  • Quiet, tactile switches
  • Bluetooth connectivity works well
  • Layout and looks excellent for Mac users


  • High price
  • Still quite weighty
  • Requires a good quality Bluetooth adapter
  • Windows users may be annoyed


Last modified: May 11, 2014

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