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If you consider the spectrum of keyboards, there are pretty much two ways you can go. One one side is a keyboard that is  light, slim and portable, probably wireless – idealised by the Apple Wireless Keyboard. On the opposite side, we have something with mechanical switches, plenty of keys and built like a tank – idealised by the Filco Majestouch-2.

That’s why I was quite intrigued by the Matias Laptop Pro – it’s a mechanical keyboard, yet it’s Bluetooth-equipped and about 60% of the size of a standard keyboard. The promise is the feeling of a true mechanical keyboard, yet the portability of a mobile keyboard. Will the Laptop Pro hit the right balance? Let’s have a look.

Manufacturer’s Features

  • It feels amazing (Quiet Click switches)
  • Wireless + compact (more desk space, no wires, portable)
  • Really long battery life (1600 mAh for 6 months use)
  • USB charging ports (for charging keyboard and charging other devices)
  • Really quiet (first quiet mechanical switch, ideal for offices)
  • A modern Apple Extended Keyboard II
  • Mac-friendly function keys
  • Also connects to iPad & Android tablets, PCs and other Bluetooth devices
  • Easy to find symbols (printed right on the keys)
  • Laser etched keys
  • Sculpted keytops
  • No ghost in this machine (N-KRO)

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Matias Quiet Click Switches

• Tactile & sound-dampened ALPS-inspired design
• Peak force of 60±5 gf
• Travel distance of 3.5 mm

In the box

• Laptop Pro keyboard
• Charging cable (USB)
• User’s manual

System requirements

• Windows or Mac with Bluetooth
• iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, Apple TV
• Android 3.0+


• Dimensions: 337 x 165 x 35 millimetres
• Weight: 974 grams
• Cable Length: 2 metres


The Laptop Pro comes in a very well designed box, showing the keyboard itself on the front and a list of features on the back and sides. The box even had a carrying handle, making it as portable as the keyboard itself!


Inside the box, we find the keyboard very well packed, with a layer of bubble wrap above and below the keyboard as well as the standard dust cloth. This is the most well-packed keyboard I’ve ever opened, and as you’d expect the keyboard came in fine condition because of this.


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