Jetart MP2000



This pad has a lot of strengths, primarily the USB 2.0 hub. This allows you easy access to USB ports on your desk for peripherals & gadgetry sooner than having to rummage around behind your desktop as well as increasing the ammount of usable ports on a laptop or netbook. It’s also very comfortable to use and looks great, although it does have a few serious downsides. The pad seems to be suited to neither desktop or notebook use as it’s not really large enough for a desktop and the USB cable is very short, while notebook use is prohibited by how thick, bulky and solid it is – the MP2000 isn’t far off a netbook in dimensions, meaning that your average user would be better off with a separate cloth pad and a USB hub. The microfibre surface is also a drawback and would be much better replaced with either hard plastic or cloth.

All in all, it’s not a bad product, but better ones can be had for the money, and while performing it’s duties at no point did it do them with any pinache.

Pros Cons
USB 2.0 Hub Short USB cable
Surface is low friction and very precise Bulky design
Great ergonomics Small surface



Thanks go to Jetart for providing us with this mouse.

This review was syndicated on tech seed.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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