Giganta Lazer 4


Giganta Lazer 4


Until recently, I had been quite content with using my bare desk surface as a mouse pad. However, since I’ve started using high precision laser mice, a desk doesn’t seem right. So today I have the Giganta Lazer 4 to test. This pad stands out visually, but does its performance follow suit?

About Gamerzstuff

By, for and about gamers, Gamerzstuff manufactures high quality gaming equipment and specialise in mouse mats that deliver outstanding accuracy and make using a mouse easier.

The Giganta

Responding to recent developments in Lazer mousing technology, the Giganta Lazer4® is the next offering in the GamerzStuff® series of high performance mousing surfaces.
Competitive gamers, emerging players, and power users are increasingly turning to mice featuring lazer based tracking sensors that meet their requirements for extreme maneuverability, accuracy, and tracking.

Now, engineered to compliment the latest Laser mice, the Giganta Lazer4® features enhanced performance and extreme durability; and is the newest mousing surface released by the brand recognized by hardcore gamers worldwide as ‘the pad which started it all’ – GamerzStuff®

  • The Giganta Lazer4® is distinctively shaped, smooth edged, and features the high density plastic composite the GIGANTA is known for world over. The highly resistant surface is built for HARSH desktop environments & hardcore work/gameplay scenarios.
  • The Giganta Lazer4® is manufactured in a limited edition eye-catching HOT Orange with a distinctive ‘O’ Logo hot-stamped in basic Black.
  • The Giganta Lazer4® is designed to break the mold on boring cloth and layered pads which crack, flack, and decompose.
  • The Giganta Lazer4® will standout and compliment any PC gaming rig from the slick minimal look to the modded monsters.

Gamerzstuff® has put the Giganta Lazer4® through its’ paces in some of the harshest conditions possible, from deepfreeze to dishwasher, with no negative effects. Now, its your turn to turn up the heat on the virtually indestructible Giganta Lazer4® at events around the world.


Giganta Lazer 4

When the pad came, it wasn’t anything special to look at. The packaging was a simple cardboard sleeve with the mouse pad sealed in a black plastic bag. Once the packet is opened you get a sheet of information explaining all of the mouse pads good points.

Giganta Lazer 4

The Pad

Giganta Lazer 4
Giganta Lazer 4
Giganta Lazer 4

The Giganta Lazer 4 is a very strange colour. The striking orange colour is a contrast to most mouse mats that try and blend in with the colour scheme of the computer. It’s a simple piece of plastic with four little rubber feet that stop the pad from sliding everywhere whilst you are playing. The top of the mouse pad is sort of grainy and is rough to the touch. It’s like rounded sand paper in a way, and dragging your fingers across it you can really feel the lumpy texture. Below is a picture of this grain.

Giganta Lazer 4

The pad is injection moulded and isn’t perfectly finished on the back, but no one going to be looking at that. On the front of the pad, there is a small ‘ O ‘ logo which has been painted onto the pad. Its in a slight depression in the pad so you can feel it too.

Giganta Lazer 4

All the way around the pad there is a bevel. This is especially important at the bottom of the pad where you wrists rest. The bevel is really comfortable to have your arm on. There is a semi-circular cut out at the bottom of the pad where you hand rests whilst the pad is in use; the ergonomics of this pad have been thought out well.

The pad itself is quite light so taking it to LAN parties isn’t an issue. It’s very durable and would take many knocks and bangs. It’s also possible to freeze and put it in your dishwasher. Why you would want to do this is beyond me… :)

As the pad is solid plastic you can simply wipe down the pad if you spill anything on it which is a great advantage for me at least.


Giganta Lazer 4

During my testing I tried out an optical mouse on this pad, and it will not work. The pointer jumps all over the places as the texture of this pad isn’t designed for that type of mouse.

When using my trusty Razer Copperhead the pad worked like a dream. At the lowest and highest DPI settings there was plenty of mouse pad real-estate for me to use.

I used the pad during some fairly intensive Photoshop sessions where accuracy was paramount. The pad worked perfectly and I was very impressed. Later a game of Unreal 2004 and Command and Conquer: Zero Hour was in order. Again the pad gave me that little edge over the competition and helped me interface better with my PC.

Even though the pad is made of plastic, it doesn’t seem to get sweaty which I would normally expect. Its very comfortable to use over a long period of time.

One little problem is the grain of the pad. Because it uses a 3D texture to cover the top of the pad, rather than a pattern like most pads, the mouse rubs over the grain. This makes a quiet scratching sound that doesn’t sound particularly healthy. You sacrifice a small amount of smoothness for the benefits of better accuracy. Using some InstaGlide or similar mouse lubricate the smoothness is equal to a cloth or solid pad.


This is great pad the likes of which I’ve never seen before. The Giganta Lazer 4 is not afraid to be difference in colour and performance which helped this pad to be up there with the greats.

Pros Cons
Large gaming area Sacrifice smoothness for accuracy
Textured surface Colour?
Excellent performance A little expensive

Last modified: February 14, 2011

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