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Unfortunately my first impression of a product from EvoG hasn’t been the best. While the MP1 is an adequate mouse mat in most situations, that’s all it is, adequate. It performs perfectly well in windows; but then so does a desk. Once in a game, it’s accuracy can really limit how fast you can play; which is a shame as the plastic surface provides excellent glide even without teflon mouse feet. The comfort is also a big problem, they need to develop a way to allow the mat to breath a little more so that it doesn’t end up getting soaked in the sweat of frustrated gamers.

While the MP1 isn’t a bad pad per say, it does have some problems that will probably cause most gamers to steer clear. If you play games requiring accuracy or like to have a little support from your mat while playing, steer well clear. However, if you can look pass the obvious flaws in the mat, and need extreme speed, it might be what you’re after.

Pros Cons
Very low friction surface Overshooting targets, surface possibly too slick
Rubber base anchors well Barely any wrist of hand support
Surface gets sweaty very quickly



Thanks go to Evo-G for providing us with this mat.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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