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Cloth mats are not to everyone’s tastes, some like plastic mats, some like glass mats, others like just their desk or a bit of paper as their mat. Many argue that a glass mat is the perfect gaming surface, as it gives you faster reactions whereas the cloth fanatics would say that the increased precision you achieve with cloth is worth the speed lost during the game. Whichever camp you spend your time in, Everglide will be happy to know that I am a cloth man, so lets see if this mat is the one for me.

For the testing of this mat, I played a few hours of a fast paced game – Unreal Tournament 2004, a few hours of a more sedate game, in this case World of Warcraft, and a couple of hours of general windows use and web surfing.

Unreal 2004 – The mat performed brilliantly, my aim was aided by the precision I could achieve with the Everglide Titan under my mouse, but the slow down usually associated with this type of mat was largely reduced due to the extreme smoothness of the surface.

World of Warcraft – Here again the mouse performed very well. The mouse registered well in every area of the mat causing no cursor jumping like you get with some mats. Gaming was also very comfortable on the hand and wrist.

General Windows Use – The mat performed as expected here, wonderfully. It was smooth and precise with clicks, and fast enough across the mat not to be of an annoyance. However, I feel that if you are looking for a mat for just windows use that this mat is perhaps a little too big, as I barely used half the mat while in windows compared to when I was gaming with it.

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Last modified: August 15, 2011

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