Everglide Titan Gaming Mouse Mat


A First Look

The first look you get of your Everglide Titan is quite an odd one. This mat does not come in a plastic wrapped OEM style packaging like most mats, but instead comes in a 40cm high metal tube.

Everglide Titan Tube

Evergldie Titan Tube Side

As you can see, the Everglide logo and the products name, “Titan” is embossed in the side of the tube. This is quite tastefully done, and gives a very precision cut “Terminator” feel to the product.

After opening the tube you can see that the mat is also covered in the typical clear plastic OEM packaging in order to stop the surfaces becoming damaged inside its metal cocoon on its way to you.

Everglide Titan Plastic Wrap

Once this packaging is removed, we get our first look at the lovely Everglide Titan. It has a jet black, silky smooth, cloth surface that just begs to be touched. It also has the same Everglide Titan logo in the bottom right corner of it just to let everyone know what awesome mat you are using.

The mat that I have used for the past few months is the Corepad Eyepad, a lovely smooth mat that is a brilliant size for the way I play my games and operate my pc. It has always served me well, so I thought I would use it to compare the size of these two mats.

Everglide Titan / Corepad Eyepad Comparison

As you can see the Everglide Titan is much bigger in both length and breadth. This not only allows for more erratic mouse movements, but also provides a larger area that is very comfortable for your hand to rest on.

With the mat you also get a small piece of paper entailing the products specifications and features, which you can see here.

Everglide Titan Instructions

As you can see, the underside of the mat is made of non-slip rubber to make sure that the mat doesn’t move around while your mouse is in use, a rather helpful feature.

Everglide Titan Underside

Unfortunately while taking these pictures, I noticed that the sides of the Titan had allready begun to fray slightly. The corners are rounded to help prevent fraying there, but the sides themselves were fraying ever so slightly, which is a shame and a bit of a surprise.

Now that we have had a look at the mat itself it was time to move onto the testing and see what it is like with a mouse ontop of it.

Everglide Titan Testing

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Last modified: August 15, 2011

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