Everglide Titan Gaming Mouse Mat


A little about EverGlide

Everglide™, based in San Diego California, is one of the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of enhanced gaming peripherals since its inception in 1997. Optimizing game play for a wide range of games such as Counterstrike, Quake and Painkiller, Everglide™ is also regarded as one of the leading brands in home and office peripherals.

First launched in 1997, Everglide™ revolutionized the mouse pad industry with its acute surfaces and emphasis on durability. This created a paradigm shift in how mouse pads were viewed, particularly within the gaming community. Through the years, Everglide™ mouse pads have garnered various awards and accolades and has been highly accredited by gaming magazines and websites.

In 2005, Everglide™ once again redefines the next step in the evolution of precision mousing with the launch of the Everglide Titan™, featuring the proprietary award-winning Fibertek™ surface technology.Widely recognized within the Esports community for unprecedented quality and reliability in mousing surfaces, Everglide™ scaled up the value chain to design and manufacture the full suite of cutting edge gaming peripherals, namely the Everglide™ s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones , Everglide™ t-1000 Professional Gaming Keyboard, the Everglide™ g-1000 Gaming Mouse and the Everglide MouseGlidez™ .

Each Everglide™ product is an epitome of pride and excellence, designed and engineered to enhance the quality of true gaming experience. Everglide™ will continue to develop products in collaboration with top technology providers as well as some of the best gamers of the world today.

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Last modified: August 15, 2011

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