Everglide Titan Gaming Mouse Mat

Everglide Titan Review


When it comes to choosing computer components, it is usually relatively simple to determine which is the best. Review sites and magazines produce benchmarks on everything from Graphics Cards to Hard drives, which lets you, the End-User, know which components are the best money can buy. However, this is not usually the case for mouse mats; especially the gaming variety. There are so many mouse mats ranging in size, texture and colour, and with no definitive tests to decide which is the best, it is often quite hard to write a review on them. However, having several mouse mat reviews under our belt here at XSR, we felt we could do a relatively good job. So here is our take on the Everglide Titan, a mouse mat that is larger than most, smoother than most, and certainly games in the top few mouse mats I have tried too.

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