EpicGear Meduza Mouse & HybridPad Mousepad


The Meduza has been thoroughly put through its paces and indeed has become the standard daily mouse for both gaming and all-purpose use. The situations tested include:

Call of Duty 4

The Meduza shines when being used for hardcore, rapid gaming, remaining responsive and accurate at all times. The sensitivity stepper works very well for precision shots, such as when using a sniper rifle, though the step up and down in sensitivity can be a bit of a tightrope-walk between a very slow movement to one side, and extremely fast on the other. Overall, this is a mouse designed for hardcore gaming, and it definitely holds up its end of the bargain.

Diablo III

While certainly not a game requiring the speed and accuracy of a competitive First-Person Shooter, the Diablo series is always a great one for putting a mouse through its paces, in terms of both long-term comfort and having to click a lot. The Meduza performed very well, with the clicking being light and easy, and the ergonomic comfort of the mouse really helping to keep long gaming sessions from getting painful.

General use

For general use, the Meduza is excellent. There are enough buttons for a selection of application or OS-specific functionality, and it is extremely comfortable to use over long periods of time and heavy use.


The HybridPad works perfectly with the Meduza, exactly as intended. The large feet on the mouse, coupled with the choice of textured cover on the mouse pad, make for very smooth, quiet operation. The size of the small HybridPad is more than adequate for general use, though the size differences are significant, with larger pads possibly more desirable for professional competitive gaming.


For a company (GEIL) which is more accustomed to making flash memory (and to a lesser extent, PSUs via their “Thortech” off-shoot) the Meduza is an excellent beginning into the gaming peripheral market. They have come up with a very comfortable mouse which has been extremely well thought out, from functionality down to ergonomics. The buttons are numerous without being overwhelming, and yet don’t ever get in the way or get hit accidentally. The fact that all of the different comfort aspects were mentioned at all, let alone so prominently on the back of the packaging, is evidence of how much thought went into them. From the grooves where your clicking fingers rest, to the curves and outcroppings for your other fingers to rest and grip, everything has been considered and optimised.

As to the touted “HDST” technology, it remains to be seen whether this is a gimmick of a feature or a genuine evolutionary step forward in gaming peripherals. Both sensors are excellent, functioning well without any real sense of lag, lack of precision or jitter. When pushed to the bleeding edge of hardcore competitive gaming, it may make all the difference and give that extra edge, but overall, it really won’t effect normal gamers / users.

Either way, this is an excellent start for EpicGear, and long may it continue.


  • Looks well, from the packaging to the hardware itself.
  • Well-supported by the HybridPad mouse pads.
  • Excellent level of comfort and button access
  • Rugged and ergonomic.


  • Number of buttons may not be enough for some gamers, depending on use.
  • Sensitivity stepping is a little extreme.
  • HDST technology may be unnecessary for many, as either sensor works perfectly regardless.


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