Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless


I quite like this little guy. Its pretty comfortable, its got a nice fat enter key, the layout is easy for those of us with smaller digits and its got a nice, high DPI rollerball for mouse control. The media keys are also pretty fully featured with easy to reach function keys. The only real problem for me was the large price tag; that and the fact that the rollerball goes crazy if you move it really fast.

There are much cheaper ones out there, and in reality I’d have expected higher quality switches for this price, but if you can afford it you’d probably like this one.


Comfortable to use
High DPI rollerball
Fully featured media and function keys
Pretty brushed aluminium finish


Quite expensive
Rollberball needs to be used with care

Aurora Micro Wireless (KB008W-B)
Material Brushed aluminium with diamond-cut edges
Connectivity Wireless technology (2.4 Ghz)
Hotkeys (7) Home, E-Mail, Search, Volume-Up, Volume-Down, Mute, Play/Pause
Key Stroke Patented “Scissors” Technology
Key Zone 1
Available Keyboard Layouts US & DE
Trackball Tracking Laser (patented)
Trackball Resolution 400 dpi / 800 dpi / 1200 dpi
Mouse Functions left & right buttons, scroll function
Power Source 2x AA/Mignon batteries (included in delivery)
Dimensions (mm) L 319 x B 193 x H 33
Weight 800g / 1,77lbs (without batteries)

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  1. Yup, nice keyboard. Looks like a rip-off of the Iogear GKM561R to me though.

    And alas, why oh why…: Multimedia keyboards need BACKLIGHTING. Another missed opportunity.

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