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Keyboards, they’re not something everyone pays attention to, but they can make quite a difference to your usage experience. What type of switches you go for, the look, the size of the wrist rest, macro keys, the sound of it as you type; all these factors can impact how well you interact with your PC.

Today I’m taking a look at a new keyboard form Enermax, who’s previous experience isn’t too extensive. However, they’re bringing their A game today with patented scissor switches, some USB 2.0 ports and a very fancy look. How does it perform? Only one way to find out.


  • Ultra-thin profile: utmost & leading keyboard desig
  • Built with reinforced acryl: Up to 7H hardness
  • 2-port USB2.0 high speed hub: for maximum connectivity right on your desk
  • “SCISSORS” key switch technology (patented): comfortable & responsive typing experience available with 10 million keystroke lifetime
  • Flat key caps & Zero degree angle: with shortest typing distance and increase your typing experience
  • Windows 7 Compatible: certified by Microsoft
  • Instant connection: no driver necessary


Last modified: April 8, 2014

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