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While the Stinger does have some problems with accuracy, the pros far outweighs the cons. It has one of the smoothest glides of any mouse I’ve ever used, it fits very comfortably in your palm and it’s tracking speed is top notch. The non-driver DPI switching, and macro options just add more choices for the user; though the extra buttons can take some getting used to in games.

How does it compare to other mice though? Well, on paper and price it matches the Death Adder, though it’s not quite as comfortable, and not quite as accurate. However, it’s more accurate than the higher priced Lachesis and is capable of working on cloth surfaces. I don’t think it’s quite as good looking as the Death Adder, as the different coloured LED’s don’t really fit with the red theme. That said, the Stinger only falls behind the Death Adder ever so slightly, and it’s certainly superior in almost every way when compared to the Lachesis or Krait.

With the Stinger, Cyber Snipa have created a definite competitor for the likes of Razer, who will need to raise their game if they want to remain the kings of the gaming peripheral market; Cyber Snipa are hot on their heels.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable Accuracy a bit off occasionally
Extremely smooth glide Different coloured LEDs don’t fit the theme
Adjustable DPI without drivers



Thanks go to the company for providing us with this product.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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Cyber Snipa Stinger

  1. Paul says:

    Your about 3 years late on this review!

    This is also a clone or vise versa of the OCZ Dominatrix which is now discontinued.

    1. Whoopty says:

      Thanks for the pointers. This review might show up as February of this year, but that’s just the date we brought over all our articles from the old version of the website, so it’s not quite as out of date as you might think :)

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