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Windows Usage

To start with, I really didn’t like the feel of the Stinger. The fact that this mouse is right handed as apposed to ambidextrous means that you’re thumb needs to be held in a more raised position which feels very strange. However, as I got more used to it I began to appreciate how genuinely comfortable and smooth this mouse is. The teflon feet simply glided across the surface and I could barely feel the thick cloth mat beneath the mouse.

The DPI switching wasn’t necessary here, but it allows you to work your way up to the top DPI if you need to. Up to this point, the mouse I had been using regularly was a 1600DPI Razer Krait, so the jump to 3200 DPI was actually very nice as it allowed quicker transition across my screen. For a while I did notice myself missing small clickable icons, however some tweaking of the windows sensitivity changed this for the better.

Serious Sam: Second Encounter

Serious Sam is all about speed; greasy, fast, speed. Having teflon feet on a mouse with a high DPI can really help in a game where you are constantly being bombarded by enemies. The classic tactic of standing in a circle and spinning while firing constantly is much easier to achieve with a gaming mouse; and was much easier with the Stinger than with my Krait. The weight changing ability also came in handy here as it allowed me to reduce the weight of the Stinger, increasing it’s movement speed even more. At this point we are talking milliseconds, but it did seem to have a positive effect.


The only problem I noted with the Stinger throughout the Serious Sam testing, was that while the top and rubber side cushions on the mouse were perfectly comfortable, I did begin to sweat against the glossy sections. While this was very minor, it did begin to annoy me after half an hour or so and I was forced to stop to wipe it down.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe


Transport tycoon is a much more sedate game and depending on your play style can be a very relaxing way to spend a few hours. However, in the expanded world of OTTD, accuracy can be absolutely paramount with some of the leveling tools and the omnidirectional track laying tool. Unfortunately, even adjusting the windows sensitivity to try and increase accuracy wasn’t enough, the Stinger did occasionally struggle quite badly to get the track direction right, causing frustration which only made the problem worse. While I was able to place track eventually, it took a lot more messing around than I have had with other gamer mice.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet enjoys quite a slow game pace while moving your character around, but the fact that you essentially have a timer counting down to your death does keep you moving as fast as your blundering character can go. When enemies show up, they can move fast or slow and since you are constantly aiming for their “thermal energy sack”, there is a fair amount of accuracy needed too.


While I had no problem with the pace of the Stinger, I did occasionally have trouble trying to hit some of the smaller enemies, or some of the more hard to reach areas of the boss creatures. While I didn’t get as wound up with this as I did in the Transport Tycoon testing, it was still a hindrance. Fortunately I was able to combat this by lowering the Stinger’s DPI, and since I could do this on the fly, it didn’t affect the gaming experience much at all.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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Cyber Snipa Stinger

  1. Paul says:

    Your about 3 years late on this review!

    This is also a clone or vise versa of the OCZ Dominatrix which is now discontinued.

    1. Whoopty says:

      Thanks for the pointers. This review might show up as February of this year, but that’s just the date we brought over all our articles from the old version of the website, so it’s not quite as out of date as you might think :)

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