Cyber Snipa Silencer


Cyber Snipa Silencer

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Out of the box this thing looks like some kind of space-bourne cyborg alien equivalent of our own furry terrestrial rodentia. A crimson glow eerily throbbing away in suggestion that it might emit a rasping 8-bit MIDI squeak at any moment.

The designers at Cyber Snipa have clearly taken the cause of ergonomics and aesthetics to heart. The Silencer is formed to fit snugly in the grasp of a very right-handed gamer, and it has to be said that this device would not be at all comfortable for southpaws. Even with the alternative side grip there’s no way a lefty’s gaming experience would be improved with this mouse – or even particularly viable.

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Along the side there sits a series of blue LEDs indicating the current DPI switch setting. With another multi-colour indicator used to display at a glance the current “mode.” There are seven modes, fully customisable using the software included on the CD. You can set everything except the left-click and Mode button to a custom macro, if you so wish. The Mode button itself being used to cycle through, each indicated by a different colour of the LED.

The DPI switch is tucked back a little out of the way and allows you to move forward and backward through four custom settings. You can even set the Y- and X-axis DPI independently – from 100 all the way up to 5000 – to suit your own personal preference.

As well as all that there are a couple of thumb-buttons for easy access to yet more functions at the top of the curve intended for that same appendage. This thing is absolutely bristling with features, there’s no denying it. Whether they all live up to their touted efficacy, however, is to be seen. The next section will take you though the findings of a week’s gaming and see if Cyber Snipa’s Silencer puts these manifold possibilities to good use.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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